Packing/Unpacking, Crating

Packing/Unpacking, Crating

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Packing, unpacking and crating are the biggest hassles while moving to a new location. Brooklyn movers are specialized in packing/unpacking and crating. Appropriate packing is essential for any household move. Moving is a stressful process because you have to make special arrangements and it requires lots of time. best Brooklyn movers has a skilled and qualified packing team that can manage your packing needs so that you can focus on other things.

The certified consultants of cheap Brooklyn movers will happily provide you with an estimate for the cost of packing and unpacking. They are always ready to advise you of any time that may require crating, such as delicate antiques, sculptures, large pictures, and marble table tops. We offer a wider spectrum of packing cartons that may range from small cartons to large wardrobe cartons to hang clothing. We have specific cartons to for flat screen TVs. They have committed and highly trained packing staff. We always use the best possible packing material.

Brooklyn Movers

Brooklyn Movers

Their packing material is extensive and includes specialized cartons as a complete range of wrapping materials. We will care for all your fragile items, such as ornaments, glass and china. We individually wrap them in the white paper, bubble wrap and acid-free tissue before packing them in double wall cardboard cartons. If you have fragile items, such as mirrors, marble, or delicate antiques, Brooklyn movers will pack them in wooden crates to ensure maximum protection.

Special Material Used for Packing:

Brooklyn moversfrequently use the following materials to pack your stuff for maximum security:

  • Standard Carton: These are our versatile carton with double wall strength. We use them for glassware, crystal, China and breakable items. These cartons are ideal for kitchenware, plastic utensils, pans, and pots.
  • Porta Robe: These are particularly designed for hanging clothes to transport them without folding.
  • Priority Carton: They use it to pack all essentials that you want to set up in your new house, such as bed legs, kettle, remote controls and leads. Typically, the last carton loaded and the first one is unloaded.
  • Flat Pack: They use this carton for international moves to transport linen and clothing efficiently and practically.
  • Cellar Pack: It is a strongcarton with cushioned inserts for safe transportation of your expensive wines. It is suitable to store wine for a longer period. Insulation version of these boxes is also available for maximum protection.
  • Art Pack: To protect your paintings, mirrors and pictures, Brooklyn movers use special art pack designed for maximum protection.
  • Book Carton: These cartons are specially constructed for the protection of books, tools, shoes, DVDs, CDs and cassettes.
  • A carton for Lamp Shade: These cartons are designed for the protection of delicate lamp shades in transit.
  • Protective Covers: These custom-sized and high-quality protection cover are designed for lounge suites, beds, and soft furnishings. These covers of Brooklyn moverswill keep your soft furnishings free from moisture, dirt, and dust.
  • Custom Crating: Wooden crates are custom-made to protect different items. These boxes are designed in compliance with 15 ISPM standards.


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