A Detailed Insight About Vital Documents Needed At The Time Of Relocation

A Detailed Insight About Vital Documents Needed At The Time Of Relocation

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Have you decided to relocate to a new house? Well, if that is the case, then you need to have a clear idea about the contract that you sign with the movers. Even if you go for an affordable moving company in Brooklyn, you should ensure that they do not compromise on quality and should have a transparent approach.This means all the terms should be mentioned in the contract. We will just explain you the intricacies here.

Affordable Moving Company In Brooklyn

Affordable Moving Company In Brooklyn

Understanding the details of the moving contract

Reviewing the estimated copy: Verbal estimates are not enough. When the moving company representative visits your place for the estimate, then they should provide you the moving estimate copy. What you need to check out in the document is whether the estimate is non-binding or binding. If you feel that you own any items that require special handling, then it is important that these items should be listed down in the estimate. This means that the mover will have to add in the information regarding these items in the estimate

Looking into the order of service in detail: If you and the mover have agreed on the estimated copy, then the next important document is the order of service. Now, remember that the order of service is going to be the official contract between you and the mover. This means that everything that is mentioned in the estimate document should be mentioned in the order of service as well.

Having a clear concept regarding the Bill of Lading: Now, Bill of Lading may sound like a technical term but in simple words, it is just the agreement of relocation. The team will give this document to you on the day you wish to relocate. Remember that the movers can only move your stuff if they have this document. Moreover, you will have to sign this document as a guarantee that you agree to all the terms and the cost of the process. If you feel that this document has some discrepancies, then you should make sure that you call the company office and point these out. This action needs to be done before signing the Bill of Lading.

Understanding the perception of the Inventory Sheet: The movers will also hand you the Inventory sheet in which the movers will list down the items that they will move to the new place. Well, in simple words the team members of the  hiring moving company will tag all your items that need to be relocated, and they will mention the tag numbers in this Inventory sheet. If you have any high-value items, then the movers will have a separate sheet for this purpose.

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Remember you need to choose an affordable moving company in Brooklyn,but it should have an organized approach as well. Even an affordable moving company in Brooklyn has its set of principles and is willing to furnish all the listed documents to streamline the relocation process. Make sure that you have a clear perception of all these documents before the relocation commences.

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